YTL Creates One of the World’s Most Advanced Supercomputers, Powered by NVIDIA Grace Blackwell-based DGX Cloud

California, March 18, 2024

YTL Power International today announced the formation of YTL AI Cloud, a specialized provider of massive-scale GPU-based accelerated computing, and that it will deploy and manage one of the world’s most advanced supercomputers on NVIDIA Grace Blackwell-powered DGX Cloud – an AI supercomputer for accelerating the development of generative AI.

YTL is among the first companies to adopt NVIDIA GB200 NVL72, which is a multi-node, liquid-cooled, rack-scale system with fifth-generation NVLink. The supercomputer will be interconnected by NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking platform. The platform acts as a single GPU with 1.4 exaflops of AI performance and 30TB of fast memory and is designed for the most compute-intensive workloads. The YTL AI Supercomputer will surpass more than 300 exaflops of AI compute, making it one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

“NVIDIA is working with YTL AI Cloud to bring a world-class accelerated computing platform to Southeast Asia – helping drive scientific research, innovation and economic growth across the region,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “This latest supercomputer marks one of the first deployments of the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip on DGX Cloud, supporting the growth of accelerated computing in the Asia Pacific region.”

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim, commented, “We congratulate YTL on this very significant milestone, a first for Malaysia, which will accelerate the country’s adoption of AI and spearhead the development of our own Sovereign Cloud. The collaboration with NVIDIA is testament to Malaysia’s attractiveness as a hub for digital investments.”

YTL Power International Managing Director, Dato’ Seri Yeoh Seok Hong said, “We are proud to be working with NVIDIA and the Malaysian government to bring powerful AI cloud computing to Malaysia. We are excited to bring this supercomputing power to the Asia Pacific region, which has been home to many of the fastest-growing cloud regions and many of the most innovative users of AI in the world.”

Highlighting the economic benefit and spillover of such partnership, Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz, Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI), Malaysia, commented, “This powerful AI Cloud will create high-value, high-income job opportunities for Malaysians, marking a significant step forward in our mission to become a leading AI and Data Centre hub in the region. This initiative not only brings us closer to achieving our goals under the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 but also demonstrates Malaysia’s capability and readiness to play a significant role in the global technology landscape.”

YB Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Digital, Malaysia, who is attending NVIDIA GTC, said, “There is no doubt that AI is a critical tool that will power the global digital economy. Having one of the most powerful NVIDIA cloud computing infrastructures in Malaysia is a game changer and will spark innovation and development of solutions foundational to the success of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.”

The YTL AI Supercomputer will be located in a 1,640-acre data center facility in the YTL Green Data Center Campus, Johor, powered by a renewable energy source from its on-site 500MW solar power facility. This supercomputer will help meet the demand for highly scalable, high-performance cloud-based solutions for AI/ML workloads. Johor, Malaysia, is within 50 km from some of the world’s densest network interconnection points in the neighbouring country of Singapore.